Have negative thoughts? Being unkind... or judging yourself?

Why this 21-Day Challenge will actually help you change your negative thoughts Guaranteed!

This is a self-paced program. Begin whenever it is right for you.

10 Minutes

Per day is all you need to shift

21 Days

Listen to audios to build a new habit

100% Effective

Guaranteed results or your money back

Why You Need This... And Why You Need It Now!

The average person has between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day. Approximately 95% are the same repetitive thoughts as the day before, and nearly 80% of those are negative.

Can you change this? Absolutely! Studies reveal that the quality of your life is in direct proportion to quality of your internal and external communication. It's been proven that your body responds to the way you think, feel, and act.

So how do you do it? By becoming aware of what you're thinking. This can be as simple as 'tuning in' to how you are feeling. First, you need to be in a curious state of self-examination. Then, you actively swap out your negative thoughts with more positive ones.

Easier said than done, right? That's why I'm here... to guide you through this shift. In just 21 days, you can build a new empowering habit.

The power of choosing your thoughts cannot be underestimated, because your body responds to how you think! Negative thoughts lead to health issues causing stress in the body. This lowers your immune system's responses and leaves you vulnerable to health hazards.

"Physical and emotional stress produces acidic waste. If not eliminated, the four channels of elimination will build up in the interstitial fluids, leading to sickness and disease." — Dr. Robert Young

Witness the power you hold by choosing your own thoughts!

"I've been spending 10 mins every morning doing these wonderful meditations as part of this fabulous 21-day challenge. Kornelia Stephanie is such a beautiful soul and her audio recordings are amazing. It is enriching my own self-care morning routine and deepening my practice. It is moving me on so many levels, by helping me process and release. Give it a go for yourselves. You'll be glad you did!"

— Nadine S.

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What Topics Will We Cover Over Three Weeks?

Build your foundation on Peace and Gratitude with this online practice. Over 21 days, you'll release everything that is not in harmony with your true nature. Let's co-create your best life now — in just 10 minutes a day!

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Week 1 - Seeding

The first week will lead you into deeper inner peace while practicing breathing and meditation, with a healthy dose of daily gratitude and appreciation.

Day 1 - I Love My Body and I Am Safe (11 mins)

Day 2 - I Allow All of My Emotions Without Judgment (9 mins)

Day 3 - I am Powerful ~ I am Brave (10 mins)

Day 4- I love myself ~ I forgive myself ~ I forgive others (10 mins)

Day 5 - I Listen Deeply to the Wisdom of My Soul (10 mins)

Day 6 - I am Open to the Powerful Magic of My Imagination (11 mins)

Day 7 - Your Connection to Source (10 mins)

Week 2 - Growing

Throughout the second week, you will focus more on releasing negative emotions and becoming more aware of what it is that sometimes pulls you out of your peace.

Day 8 - In What Areas of Your Life Do You Want More Peace (9 mins)

Day 9 - I am Sexually Alive and I Love Feeling Pleasure (8 mins)

Day 10 - I am Powerful ~ I Feel Powerful ~ I Choose to be in My Power ~ I Love Myself (12 mins)

Day 11 - I am Peace ~ Peace is in Me; I am Joy ~ Joy is in Me (11 mins)

Day 12 - I am Authentic in my Expression ~ It’s Easy for me to Receive (10 mins)

Day 13 - I Claim my Intuitive Knowing (11 mins)

Day 14 - I am Deeply Connected to Source (9 mins)

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Week 3 - Thriving

During this third week, you will go deeper into the 'Art of Letting Go' and by now, getting really good at releasing more and more of your old suppressed feelings and thoughts that are not part of your Truth.

Day 15 - I Love, Honor, and Approve of Myself (9 mins)

Day 16 - I Love Feeling Pleasure (8 mins)

Day 17 - I Act with Clear Intention and Integrity in my Life (10 mins)

Day 18 - I Speak my Authentic Truth ~ I Love with an Open Heart (11 mins)

Day 19 - The Feeling Paradigm is Empowering Me to Heal my Life, my Body, my Past (11 mins)

Day 20 - I am Open to the Powerful Magic of my Imagination (10 mins)

Day 21 - Bliss Awakens Within my Heart (12 mins)

"Kornelia is the best. Love, love, love this product! Can’t wait to do it again. I am finding that it is taking me longer to do the 21-day challenge because of how thought-provoking the questions are and it's taking me longer to process. I am loving it and I’m taking my time with it."

— Joy R.

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Join Now & You'll Receive These Added Bonuses!


"The Power of Forgiveness" 5-Day Video Course

All suffering begins in our minds, with all the thoughts and judgments we have about what we see out there. Any relationship, past or present, where there is not 100% peace of mind is a mirror to any unhealed, unconscious memory of the past where we have "bought into" an illusion of separation.


"Anger Management 101" eBook

Although anger can be destructive, it is also a potent tool. As long as anger is not expressed in destructive ways, getting to the root of our anger is our key for personal liberation.


"How to Heal Emotional Core Wounds" Video

In this episode, Kornelia shares how she healed her core emotional wounds in order to bring about full health in her body. In her book, Peace: The Flip Side to Anger, Kornelia details her journey of how she found Peace and how to use the emotion of anger as a fuel to bring about positivity rather than negativity and disease.


"Emotional Processing Technique" Download

Used for releasing-and-letting-go, you can do this processing inquiry with anything that is causing you to experience emotional or mental discomfort. This process gets you out of your head, and establishes a dialog with yourself. It moves you into communication with yourself.


Email Exchange Directly with Kornelia for Support

Send me your positivity mantra through email and I will hold you accountable in your strength.

"This challenge was the perfect course for me. I don't often have time to sit and meditate. I'm on the go constantly! These daily meditations fit perfectly into my schedule. As I moved through the course I felt so much lighter, There is such a freedom in peeling away old stuck emotions! I am finally saying yes to me! It's about time!! What a great gift to myself!! I purchased one for myself and my daughter. Thank You, Kornelia!"

— Wendy W.

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Positive Thoughts = Positive Life

Over the next 21 days, you'll discover more about yourself and more about what is important to you, as the Creator of your Life. Take the "Positivity Self Challenge" and fall deeper in love with yourself.

Soon you will see the most beautiful garden blooming from the inside out, with your body feeling healthy and vital. You are re-writing the story of your life.

You know that your life, and the environment you create are both based on the energy you bring to them. You are choosing to seed the fertile ground of your life with powerful intentions. Just as the seeds you plant have a life of fulfillment in growing to completion, your heart’s desire can also be influenced by the power of your intentions.

You are moving into co-creation with your life force by being active... and blessing the seeds you plant in it with your voice, your vision, and your passion.

There are no set dates... this is a self-paced program. Start anytime that is right for you!

"This course is such a wonderful and relaxing way to start the day. Who wouldn't love to be transported into a beautiful garden every morning to meditate and connect to self?"

— N. S. London, England

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Imagine No Negative Self-Talk for 21 Days!

At only $1.00 a day... the value is incomparable to the investment. Having a positive mindset to begin your day will create a reality that is truly priceless!

During your three week challenge you will also be able to:

Release negative suppressed emotions that affect your health

Raise your vibration by processing your emotions and feelings

Let go of old habits and limiting beliefs

Heal yourself and align your healthy mind, body, and spirit

Identify even more things you are greatful for in your life

Learn how to control your thoughts, instead of having your thoughts control you!

And the best part? All of this is accomplished within the comfort of your own home... in just 10 minutes a day.

Enroll now for just $1.00 a day and get back in the drivers seat of your life!

"I always trust that the greatest changes can be achieved when our hearts say, 'Yes it is time!' Your soul has alerted you to this announcement from Kornelia... Engage your heart, your soul, your whole being. I felt such a sense of exhilaration from the beauty of this 21-day practice… it has lingered for years! I am excited for YOU!"

— Maryanne G.

What Common Issues Are Caused by Negative Thinking?

Having a healthy body, healthy relationships, and a healthy environment all depend upon the thoughts you think about yourself. It begins with You Getting Intimate With You.

Low Energy


High Cortisol Levels

Self-Sabotage Patterns

Skyrocketing Stress

Lingering Self Doubt

Fearful Thoughts

Feelings of Lonliness

Feelings of Unworthiness


Anxiety & Panic Attacks

High Blood Pressure

Are you ready to change this? Yes, I am finally ready to deal with it!

"Kornelia, sending you so much love and light. I feel very content and happy having done so much letting go and emotional processing - I am never giving my power away again... I feel peace today and lot’s of joy - oh! I just realized the flip side to anger! I answered the questions and, wow, they were powerful! I also did an anger-releasing ceremony with a friend and we were able to scream and release some of those old imprints in our bodies. Wow. So. Powerful. Thank you."

— Nora S.

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This One Decision Can Change Your Life!

Watch as Kornelia is interviewed on the national news about this 21-Day Challenge and her experiences. Parts 1 & 2 aired on CBS, Your Central Valley, in Fresno Califonia on July 29, 2019.

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The "21-Day Positivity Self Challenge" was created by Master Coach, New Thought Leader, and Founder of Empower Network, Kornelia Stephanie.

She is also the author of Peace: The Flip Side to Anger. Her impactful book offers a practical approach to self-healing and empowerment, using your body as a tool to release anger, illness, suppression, and emotion.

In it, Kornelia discusses her journey through the 21-Day Challenge, where she discovered wellbeing and inner peace. It's filled with practices and tools used to release negative emotions, for you to experience freedom and liberation too. Isn't it time to let go of what's holding you back, and start living the life of your dreams?

Enroll now for just $1.00 a day... It's much less than a cup of coffee, and you deserve this!

"Listening to this course has completely changed how I connect not only with myself, but with others. I feel more at peace and am finding it easier to process my emotions which have helped me in so many aspects of my life. Thank you so much, Kornelia. I truly feel like it was created just for me."

— Paula L.

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